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Default charge for a website buider website and charge to maintain it once it's built

Someone has come to me to build them a website. I've only built websites in Godaddy's website builder, but the sites that I have built are far beyond what Godaddy envisioned. I created my own background graphics, buttons, nicknacks, etc. using Photoshop, and have a real eye for design and a good sense about how a website should flow. Whenever I call Godaddy for customer support they always say "Wow, this is one of our templates? You're really good!" They always tell me they'd never guess it was one of their templates (which I think is a good thing.) :)
Anyway, back to the question. How much should I charge someone for a 5 page website? It's a restaurant so I will have to input their entire menu, create a contact us page, an about us page, etc. I've done this for a friend of a friend before and I charged her $25 per hour. Is that a good rate? Regardless of my technical programming skills, I have superior graphic design skills and made her site look awesome. Based on that rate, I'm thinking of $400 for a website built like this. I'm guessing it will take me about 8 hours of actual work to make it look good.
I don't want answers like "You shouldn't be building a website for someone with a website builder. Send them to a pro who can build them a custom site" &"You're cheating by using a website builder." Also, how much should I charge to webmaster it?
I will be going back to school for Web Design so the programming aspect of web design a skill I haven't learned yet but plan to.

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Default Olga Voyance

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