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Default web browser security

Why do people say "Google Chrome is the most secure browser" or "Internet Explorer is the most secure browser" or "Firefox is the most secure browser" or "Safari is the most secure browser". Doesn't it depend on what websites you go to more than which web browser you use? Long as you browse 100% safely, does it matter what web browser you use? Suppose you ONLY go on Yahoo, of course that would be crazy, but suppose so. Wouldn't you be safe web browse-wise no matter what web browser you use?

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Default web browser security

What they mean is the browser itself is hard to hack.
There exists special malware that attack the "Browser" specifically.
Quote from Wikipedia;
"Man-in-the-browser (MITB, MitB, MIB, MiB), a form of Internet threat related to man-in-the-middle (MITM), is a proxy Trojan horse[1] that infects a web browser by taking advantage of vulnerabilities in browser security to modify web pages, modify transaction content or insert additional transactions,"

There exists "Boy in the Browser" etc etc.

To protect against such security threats I use a "Browser Protect" firefox add-on or you can install their free Browser Protect software which protects all browsers.
Internet explorer gets the most attacks because most businesses use it.
Firefox has many additional security add-ons that you can install for additional security.
Chrome is also very secure.

But for even more security there is a well known security company called Comodo Internet Security.
They have taken the two most popular browsers Chrome and Firefox and added extra security features.

Comodo Dragon [Chrome based];

Comodo Ice Dragon [Firefox based];

To which you can install the Firefox security addons.

Also Comodo Browsers use their own secure DNS servers for even more protection.

If you employ the above methods you will have a very secure browser. But I would stay away from Internet Explorer as Microsoft is at this moment trying to fix a major security breach.
On top of all this besides browsers protecting themselves and having security addons they also have built-in features to alert you to malicious web sites, sandboxing capabilities in Chrome etc etc. the list is endless as they keep updating and adding new features.
If you want extra security, run your browser in "Sandboxie".
for maximum security boot into a military grade OS like "LPS Deluxe"
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Default web browser security

"Out-of-the-box", browsers are set up to allow websites to return all kinds of lavish and glamorous effects such as pictures, animation, sounds, and a wide variety of other "eye candy". This is automatic behavior, intended to give users "That rich Internet experience", with little or no user intervention.

Some of these returning assets are actually instructions to the computer, telling it to 'perform' such-and-such an action, or get another 'piece' of information/instruction from someplace back on the 'Net, which the browser promptly does.

While these can be glitzy or 'structural' components (both seen and unseen) that the site has sent, crooks, thieves and Godless advertising agencies know about this 'stock' liberal allowance of browsers, and craft their payloads to exploit that automatic behavior or other weakness built into browsers.

It's the conflict of 'usability' and 'security' that drives developers towards the liberal asset allowances, and when you combine that with the revenue generation model that underlies the entire Internet, users get the dirty end of the stick.

Ideally, browsers would not allow anything back in until users give hands-on approval, but nearly everyone wants to use the 'Net without any hassles...and very few understand the complex, interwoven nature of the 'behind the scenes' functions: nor do they want to.

Add to the mix, the bad guys (and to a growing extent the 'good' guys) constantly refine their tactics to slip malicious code and/or advertising into users systems, and you have the current on-going problem of user frustration with 'stock' browsers and system misbehavior.
Nearly all browsers left 'as-is' have this trouble.

In my opinion, only Firefox has the range of settings, and add-on's, to confine this otherwise automatic browser behavior...especially on Windows OS's. It does mean more user interaction, but it's far easier than remediation of misbehavior or serious infestations.
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Default web browser security

ALERT: Serious Internet Explorer Flaw Discovered
Category: Browsers , Security

Security holes in Web browsers are hardly unusual, and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has had more than its fair share exploited and exposed. But the latest flaw is a doozy so dangerous that governments are urging users to switch to alternative browsers until Microsoft issues a patch. And it isn’t clear when that patch will be issued. Find out what you must do NOW...

Read more: I suggest you use Firefox Browser. Good luck! I am "1ten2"
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Default web browser security

You are partially correct, while it's true that user behavior impacts browser security, there might be vulnerabilities in the design that could be exploited easier on one browser over another, and this will depend on many factors (code base, programming practices, unit testing, patching, etc).
Even if you only use Yahoo, if a malicious hacker places malware on a web link, the weakest browser will be at more risk than the stronger browser.
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