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Default calling all html and js programmers

Alright, I have a little experience in programming in VB, Java, and C#, but I am a beginner to the HTML world. I have been designing a HTML document in which a random number is generated and the user has to guess the number. The document doesn't quite work, and I was hoping to find some help here. I will paste the code below. You will have to go to you dev console to see and work on the code, sorry there was no other way I could put it on the website. Thank You!!!


<p> Guess The Number 1-10 </p>
<p id="Check">Test</p>
<input id="in" type="textbox">
<input type="button" onclick="Guess()" value="Go">

n = Math.floor((Math.random()*10)+1)
g = getElementById("in");
c = getElementById("Check");
function Guess() {
if (g.value = n)
c.innerHTML = "Correct!"
g.value = ""
c = "Incorrect!"
g.innerHTML = ""
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