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Default is this website opens suddenly while i use the net
this is the website
hope it's not harmful , can i do something to stop it ? using google chrome
i did
no, it doen't start as my homepage just suddenly opens when i use the computer
Still no change here i did all of the below and more

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Default is this website opens suddenly while i use the net

Install and use Firefox 30.0 directly form homesite. Get the proper version for your computer.
Once installed, open Tools menu item, click on complementes and open "Available comlements" and look for ADBLOCK PLUS add-on and install it. You won't see any more any unwanted pop-up!
Some sites might have legitimate pop-ups: Adbock lets you define the excetions you might need.
If you don't want to change to Firefox, you can get Adblock from Chrome Web Store

Your post is not very clear, so maybe you wanted to say thet it starst as your homepage. If you've decided to change to FIREFOX, open in Tools menu, OPTIONS and in General, selectfor the option when Firefox starts, show a BLANK PAGE As a Chrome user, probably it has the equivalent option.

Finally, according to, a site specialized on site analising, doesn' look as a harmful site. though I wouldn't make business with any intrusive site.

If above mentioned measures failed, you should try Malwarebye's Antimalware FREE version. Get it from
Check FREE VERSION DOWNLOAD. It is same as "premium" except that it is not memory resident, a feature I actually don't like because it is too intrusive. Update it and run it. I don't feel you have a malware but you might have some Potentially Unwanted Program or adware calling at that site and Malwarebyte is very efficient detecting them.
Also you should install Spybot Search & Destroy, a very good and FREE antisyware/adware application. Get it from

Update it, install "Immunizacion" and run it to detect problems. This application is really great to detect ALL startup programs.. Be careful NOT removing from startup those you really need. You can check programs one by one in google.
In advanced mode, actually you don't need to be a computer guru to use it - Spybot also indicates BHO's, ActiveX programs, hosts file and more.
Also, you should check in Control Panel your installed programs and verify if there is any application you don't remember having installed. You might have some adware "calling home"

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Default is this website opens suddenly while i use the net

try making the home page ur default search engine or maybe you can reset ur settings to default!
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