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Default 250 mb of internet

Okay so me & the family are going to Spain in a while for a week ! I was going to use my Vodafone cherry points to buy 250Mb of Internet ! I will be using snapchat everyday! How long will the 250mb last me?

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Default 250 mb of internet

For basic email and web surfing, 250MB is enough for a few weeks. However, for online video or skype or other data intensive applications, you will use that up within a week (my estimate)
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Default 250 mb of internet

It depends on what you are using and what network you get for eg. If you only like to chat and send text messages and voice mail it will last upto 1 week. If you are watching HD videos on YouTube it will last for about 15 to 20 minutes. If you are downloading any content on a 3G+ network it will last for 30 minutes. It depends what you do not validity. I recommend you to get a unlimited 3G plan or atleast 1 GB.
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