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Default prevent and remove malware

Especially torntv.
I have antivirus software (trend micro titanium) on my mac but apparently it doesn't protect my laptop from malware viruses.

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Default prevent and remove malware

First of all the idea that Mac's don't get viruses is history. Hackers realized that Mac users felt safe without an AV and quickly realized they had a huge amount of computers world wide to target and that was the end of that.
The days are long gone where you can use one software to protect your computer against the entire world of computer hackers. These days you need multilayered security.
Your browser is the first layer. Use Comodo Dragon or Ice Dragon (Chrome or Firefox based) with it's own Secure DNS. Load up your browser with the respective favorite security addons. Encase the browser in a sandbox as a second layer.
Your Avtivirus contrary to popular belief should be your last resort layer. Don't use all in one security packages. Instead choose the top AV company for antivirus and get Malwarebytes Pro and a separate company for your Firewall. The difference is like going to a general practitioner of specialist for medical treatment.
You can install a specialized secondary Antivirus called "ImmunetProtect" which will not conflict with a primary AV (designed by Alfred Huger VP Norton Symantec).
Every day there are thousands new malware, and if you only rely on one single company to protect your computer, you will spen your life coming back here to ask how to repair your computer.
Another thing is to always keep a backup image of your entire computer safely in an external HDD. If anything goes totally wrong, simply install your backup, overwriting your existing OS and you're back running like new in 1/2 hr.
As far as removing malware I won't comment as there are over 200,000 new malware reported by Kaspersky Labs Antivirus daily and that's only what they find and that's only one company so you can imagine.
But I can tell you of a better way to prevent being infected.
In computer security there are basically two classes of software to keep your computer safe.
One type, Antivirus/Antimalware etc work by analyzing files and deciding if a file if safe or destructive and then destroying what it determines to be malicious. This type of security obviously has loopholes as new forms of malware attempt to masquerade as safe applications and fool and pass through Antivirus etc.
The other classification of security, (the type used in public access computers) does not work by detection allow/disallow. It works by preventing all changes to a computer system period.
If you use this kind of software you simply block all malicious files.
Ever wonder why Universities etc can have students using computers all day long and don't get viruses.
The two that I use are "Sandboxie" & ["DeepFreeze Standard (this is what Universities etc use)"]
Sandboxie (free or paid version) encases your web browser preventing anything from the internet passing through it into your computer. You can also choose to allow a downloaded file through the sandbox. It's like a sheet of glass between your computer and the internet. You can open suspicious files in a sandbox for analysis and if there's a virus, simply close the sandbox and the virus is dissolved. You can install a program you want to try and use it while in the sandbox. If you don't like the program, close the sandbox and the program is instantly dissolved.
Deepfreeze (paid version only $40) prevents changes to your (C:) drive or your entire computer (your choice). That way nothing can go wrong. You could erase your entire registry and all files and a reboot and everything is back as it was.
If you learn to use one or both of these programs you won't ever have to worry about viruses etc again.
I never even have to scan my computer for anything for the last seven years. Worry free!

Another thing I sometimes do is use a bootable USA Military Grade LPS Public Deluxe operating system.
But this is beyond the topic of this post.
Also few people, as you can see from Yahoo Answers even know about these security programs.
Most people only use AV's which is why this forum is filled with people seeking solutions to infected computers.
One last measure; Configure Sandboxie to destroy it's files with "Secure Delete to DOD standards", or use the free "Eraser" software to "Wipe as opposed to Delete" files. Google this info.
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Default prevent and remove malware

Install an antivirus program and keep it updated. Do a full scan, and don't install programs from untrusted publishers, that's all. I prefer AVG.
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Default prevent and remove malware

How to protect yourself from Malware on a Mac:

Change setting on Safari:

start the Safari program and then click on the Safari menu option. From the Safari drop down menu, select Preferences.When the screen opens, if you are not on the General settings screen, please click on the General button.You should now uncheck the checkbox labeled Open "safe" files after downloading,After unchecking this box you can close the Preferences screen and Safari.
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Default prevent and remove malware

just get a cleaner for history
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Default prevent and remove malware

You don't need a anti-virus for a Mac.
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