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Default mysql - projects table and sharing projects

I'm working on creating a web application using PHP/MySQL. Basically, now I have a table called members for registered users. Each of these members can then create projects. To store this user to project relationship, I have to create a project table. Every project will have a unique ID and there will be one other column which stores the project owner information.

The twist comes in when the owner wants to share the results of the project with other members. I have to create another table that contains that information. Should I do this in a project-centric way, where I have the projects and each column represents a member with access? Or should I do this in a member-centric way, where I have the user and each column represents the projects they have access to? How would I go about doing these methods and connecting these different tables (which are all within the same MySQL database)?

Please help ASAP!!!!! 10 points to the best answer! Thanks folks :)

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Default mysql - projects table and sharing projects

It doesn't matter which way you do it--you will need a third table that will store the relationship between the member_id and the project_id. Just create a new table called project_permissions:

member_id, project_id

And whenever a user tries to access another project, just execute a query to verify the user has access to that project (via the project_permissions table)
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