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Default free website or app that helps plan long-term goals and everyday tasks

I've seen nearly every to-do list application out there, as well as some interesting (but not free) goal setting web apps. I'm looking for something that:

- Helps plan out long-term goals, e.g. you can break down those goals into milestones, those milestones into tasks

- Helps track everyday tasks. It's important that we can have multiple levels of tasks (subtasks) as well.

For example, if one of my long-term goals is to learn a new language, I would be able to set a milestone for passing the first level of a language proficiency test. In order to meet that milestone, I would be able to break down the steps I need to do (tasks), and have those tasks repeatable every day/week set on a certain schedule.

Basically, something like a combination between MS Outlook/GCalendar (for the scheduling/repetition), Google Tasks for the multi-level tasks, LifeTick/GoalsOnTrack for the goal setting, and Joel's Goals/Don't Break the Chain for setting habits.

Anyone know of such a thing? (Can be an online web app OR an offline desktop software (Windows))
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Default free website or app that helps plan long-term goals and everyday tasks

im not sure about you, but I use evernote for that. It may not fit your description though.
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