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Default how do i find the firefox history file so i can transfer it to the new downloaded firefox?

my custom built desktop computer running windows xp crashed weeks back, my graphics card failed and my c windows drive got corrupted.

over the months, id moved my media files, and word documents to my internal d drive, so i wasnt to worried about them.
but i was worried about my web browsers on the c drive, firefox & google chrome & opera - the repair shop had to reformat my c i lost my web browsers.

the shop made a segment on my internal drive called * old c drive * which is a folder with all the things there the way my c drive was before they reformatted they said id lost nothing with the reformat.

the main things i was worried about with my my web browsers, are things i feel are important to me like - internet history - favourites - bookmarks etc.

because of the reformat i lost internet history, but the repair man said , id not lost it * lost it* its on the folder theyd made called * old c drive *........but he said he didnt know how to reinstall the internet historys.

but he did reinstall my bookmarks / favourites to firefox, google chrome.

but now its up to me to try and do the hard task of reinstalling the internet historys to all the browsers?

ive think ive found the history files in google chrome on * old c drive * , but i cant find the history file for firefox ?
i also want to reinstall the internet history and bookmarks for the opera browser ?

as i said - the * old c drive * is a folder with everything the way my c drive was before they did the reformat? - so it has program files on it, local data, application data etc.

can anyone help with this hard job ?

internet historys for firefox and chrome are so important to me, because i have ocd, and need to file and log all the sites ive visited for my own reference..

i have months & months worth of internet history in both firefox and chrome because id purposely never cleared them im desperate to reinstall them.....or find a way to open them at least so i can see all the websites ?
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Default how do i find the firefox history file so i can transfer it to the new downloaded firefox?

here is a link to recovering your lost data from firefox, chrome opera

I would suggest you do a google search on recovering your history on opera and chrome if you need to
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