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Default which laptop is best for software engineering, programming and hacking

I need a strong laptop for educational purposes. I've heard about Toshiba satellites, Alienware and Macbooks. Strong processor, nice graphics is optional, large memory capicity and fast performance.
Thank you.
I work especially with C, Python, Assembly and client-side scripting, no iOS apps yet.
The OS I want to work in is Windows or else Linux. I heard alot of cons about Alienware though, don't know if there are true.
Also, I prefer 15'' upon 17'' screen, but that is not the biggest issue. I look for fast performance, 1TB memory, best processor.

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Default which laptop is best for software engineering, programming and hacking

I'd go with an Asus laptop or a Macbook. I'm an animator and I would recommend a Mac, it is best in my opinion for this type of thing and all large corporations use them. Macs are also found a lot in the software engineering. Even Microsoft use Macs in the development of their products. Its just I find Macs reliable, safe, simple and every thing I need is there. Alienware use to be good till Dell took over, Now they use shoddy cheap parts. But depending on your budget I'd go with a Macbook pro if you can afford it even if you don't like OSX, at least it will work, it performs very with the hard ware communicating with the software. Or go with an Asus model laptop since a lot of other brands don't go with quality and performance. and Macs are used in pretty much every industry. You should be looking for 4GB RAM or more( 8GB maybe?), intel 5 I would recommend and an SSD. Its what ever floats your boat and your budget.
Just not Dell/Alienware
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Default which laptop is best for software engineering, programming and hacking

Your budget? If you don't care about weight and looks, business laptops are a great choice, especially "mobile workstations". Not only they're typically built as tanks, they can be serviced.

You should also ask at your school which OS they recommend, Macs are non-existent in software engineering, except where they develop iOS apps (Apple forbids to use anything else), and web development (because artists are eternally loyal Mac fans).
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