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Default whats wrong with this program, please help?

Problem: Numerically solve the following differential equations using the Euler method
du/dt = v
dv/dt = -kv - u³ + B cos(t)
with k=0.1, B = 11.0,
and plot the result using gnuplot. Change the parameters to k=0.4, B =20.0 and show the graph as well. You can use the initial condition as u(0)=1, v(0)=1. Also use h=0.01, i=10000.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>

double f(double t, double y)
return y;
int main()
double h=0.1, y, t, B, k, x;
int i;
t=0.0; y=1.0; k=0.1; B=11.0;
for (i=0; i<=10000; i++)
printf("t=%lf %lf %lf\n", t, y, -k*y - x*x*x + B*cos(t)); y=y+h*f(t,y); t=t+h;
return 0;

please help I have to plot and everytime I try an error occurs so I'm pretty sure there is an error in the program. I'm a beginner at programming and I'm also not too familiar with Euler's Method...any help is appreciated thanks.
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Default whats wrong with this program, please help?

I just had a quick look,for every open bracket there should be a corresponding closed bracket (please check this)
Also where should the main() occur,is it occuring at wrong place?.Also check for other syntax like ;after B=11.0 etc is it correct ?
I need more time to study this to find out other errors.
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