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Default A good analogy for computer memory?

So, I'm a computer science major and I'm also a huge fan of the no-longer-on-TV show, Numb3rs.

Now, whenever I talk with my friends they also ask me quite a few questions about programming and computers (and how they work). Now, on Numb3rs, they (Charlie, and occasionally Amita or Larry) often went on short, but well explained and well spoken summaries of the mathematical topic. While they had the benefits of graphics, often their voices alone were plenty to explain. Basically, they took complex concepts and presented them in laymens terms. It was short, concise, easy to understand, and very interesting.

Basically, I'm looking for something like that. Just a really great, short, interesting analogy for computer memory. So, 10 points to whoever can come up with a brief, interesting, engaging, enjoyable, but educational and correct analogy/summary for computer memory!

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