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Default photoshop cc brush "sticks" program reopens

I opened up my laptop today and was downloading a game,
It took forever, so I decided to draw a little in Photoshop CC with my Bamboo tablet until it finished.
It was doing smooth strokes exactly like a paint brush, fades when you first stroke it, and fades again with you stop; Hardly notice any pixels and it's clean and smooth like I'm actually drawing on paper.

I decided to stop drawing to get something to eat, closing my photoshop because I was babysitting at the time and didn't want my nephew to mess it up, so I saved it.
I came back, reopened my last drawing and began to draw again only to find the paint brush lagging with huge bold blotches like drawing with a mouse with horrible lagg. It's no longer smooth and thin like it usually looks with the bamboo. Instead it's lagging and bold.

No, my nephew didn't do it...
I tried to reopen the program and it didn't work. I took out my bamboo and plugged it back in but no avail.
Any ideas as to what's wrong with it? Or what I have to do? Sorry for the long details, I just wanted to explain every bit as to what happened.
Here's how it looks now:
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