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Default bitcoin question

So pretty much I have searching around just trying to do bitcoin mining as a hobby. I think it could get fun but my problem right now is that I have been reading people saying that they are getting around 100-200 Mhash with lower GPU's than I have. I have EVGA 750Ti. It's only getting around 80-83Mhash. I am using slush's pool with GUI miner. All I have so far is just GUI miner, bitcoin armory wallet, and just some other programs so I can keep watch on GPU temps. I am only running GPU mining but my CPU is a AMD FX-8350 Eight core (vishera). I tried running with all cores enabled (7) and it only got around 900 Khash. So I started GPU and got there but anyway pretty much is there anyway I can speed this up? I mean 80Mhash sounds pretty shitty for my GPU I would have thought I would do pretty good. (I understand I will still make very little profit if any) I just want to do this as a hobby it seems fun. I am enjoying it so far but yeah that just seems really slow. Also if someone can tell me what a decent amount of shares is to have that would be great. I started at around 5:25PM and it is now 9:42PM and I have 247 shares with 2 stale/invalid. Thanks for your time.

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