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Default something is making my internet browsers really laggy...

For the past few weeks, my internet browsers have lagged a lot. Oddly enough, this only applies to browsers - I have tested Chrome, Firefox, and internet explorer with the same results, namely a whole lot of lag. Pages take ages to load, images takes a lot of time to load and often end up being broken, and at random, the browsers report that it cannot connect to the internet. Sometimes it needs to view the site in cached versions, but even those takes ages to load. In the meanwhile, internet-based applications like Spotify run just fine. Even Youtube buffers properly once the page has loaded. I get nothing from the troubleshoot, I have a lot of memory space, various anti-virus programs report nothing, I have cleaned my cookies and cache since the beginning of time... I dunno what's left to do.


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Default something is making my internet browsers really laggy...

It may be the DNS servers used by your ISP causing lag, or if you have a certain plug-in (such as Adblock) that you use on all of your browsers. You can change the DNS servers on your router or PC and use Google DNS, OpenDNS, or many others.

It could even be your firewall or antivirus causing problems.

You might try running Malwarebytes to see if there is any malware running on your system that might be causing issues.
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