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Default using qt designer and running qmake on a mac.. pls help me!!

so im just learning how to program in qt so im a total beginner

i'm creating a dialog box so I used qt designer to create a gotocelldialog.ui file which i saved in some directory. I added a main.cpp file to the same directory which basically looks like this:


#include "ui_gotocelldialog.h"

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
QApplication app(argc,argv);

Ui::GoToCellDialog ui;
QDialog *dialog = new QDialog;

return app.exec();

now i know you're supposed to run qmake to create a .pro file and a makefile, and in turn generate my ui_gotocelldialog.h header file.
BUT i have know idea how to run qmake and do all of this!
So can someone please help me out! how do i run qmake to get my header file?

I'm using a mac
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