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Default whats the difference between high school programming and professional programming

I have almost completed core java with topics like inheritance polymorphism,objects classes,multithreading I/O,generics ,annotations,collections,strings,etc.Now left with network programming ,I/o API'S.I did c++ at my school level at until high school for 2 years.But i realise that i covered only topics uptil objects classes inheritance pointers ,linked list in c++.I didnt learn any multithreading then no generics nothing.After almost 6 years i started java for job purpose in next 2-3 months.I have indeed completed all the above topics but the problem is i am not feeling confident.I just wanna know
1. how professional programming nature is different from school level programming or bookish programming?
2.Skill traits required of professional programming.
3.Is there a huge difference?WHAT kinda preparation should be done for interviews?

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