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Default c code question

Write a computer program in the C language that reads two binary numbers from the standard input (keyboard) and outputs their sum, difference, and product (in binary format) to the standard output (monitor).

this is what i have so far, im so fucking lost

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main() {
int firstInt; // Declare a variable named firstInt of the type int (integer)
int secondInt; // Declare a variable named secondInt of the type int
int sum, difference, product, quotient;
// Declare 4 variables of the type int to keep the results

cout << "Enter first integer: "; // Display a prompting message
cin >> firstInt; // Read input from keyboard (cin) into firstInt
cout << "Enter second integer: "; // Display a prompting message
cin >> secondInt; // Read input into secondInt

// Perform arithmetic operations
sum = firstInt + secondInt;
difference = firstInt - secondInt;
product = firstInt * secondInt;
quotient = firstInt / secondInt;

// Print the results
cout << "The sum is: " << sum << endl;
cout << "The difference is: " << difference << endl;
cout << "The product is: " << product << endl;
cout << "The quotient is: " << quotient << endl;

return 0;
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