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Default open sdl in windows codeblocks set up and use help requested

I have been programming in simple basic languages for a long time, and recently decided to switch to C++ for more in depth programming. Here my somewhat broken computer knowledge does not serve me well. I got C++ IDE codeblocks running, with gnu compiler, and after some playing with it, can make simple console applications. I then decided to try to do something with graphics. C++ apparently does not let programs interact directly with the Videocard, so a library is necessary. (How the libraries can then be written in C++ is somewhat mystifying to me) I downloaded SDL, as I heard it was relatively simple. But setting it up in my compiler/ is a nightmare. I have tried various tutorials, but all of them are of the "do this do that" form, giving no indication of why they move things where, so they become immediately useless when small differences in OS come into play, and also leave me with the unsatisfying feeling of not know why I did what I did.
My question then is, what options do I have or where can I go to get a more thorough understanding of graphics libraries? What settings in Codeblocks must be changed in order for SDL to run, and what are those settings actually changing, and how does the compiler read those linked files? When I finally set up SDL correctly will I have sound capabilities?
All help of any kind is appreciated (with the glaring exception of solely pasting external links to SDL tutorials- believe me Ive seen them all).

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