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Default PHPBB forum register link on index

Hi All,

I have a PHP website which is linked to a PHPBB forum.
On my index.php, I have 'Welcome! New to the site? Sign up now', Sign up now is supposed to be a link to the register page on my PHPBB forum.( Code for register is {u_register} )
Althought when I click the button, it fails to recognise it, should I have an extension before the code like forum/{u_register} or?

Hope I explained my problem well :/

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Default PHPBB forum register link on index

Well, usually when working with partial links like you do, you should start from the root directory (unless there is support for partial links).

So if your forum is located at you should use forum/ in your link.

But mainly forums use an extension to the index link for registration, like index.php?action=register on SMF boards.

I think PHPBB uses ucp.php?mode=register.
So in your case you should use forums/ucp.php?mode=register to solve your problem. If that doesn't work, try it without forums/.
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