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Default Graphic card issue? fan noises and mobo compatibility?

Hi i am having an issue with playing games on my desktop. Whether i am playing when the comp is turned on for hrs or a few mins the fans noises sounded like its microwaving.
Games like skyrim/falout vegas lag alot, their recommended default setting is ultra high and yet i lag a lot when playing on med.

Any suggestion what i should do to fix the noise? i cant seem to figure out which component is causing the noise here. Right now i am guessing its the video card. If it is the video card problem then i need to consider getting a better one and use this card on my sister's computer.

she is using
would i be able to use my video card on this thing?

thank you for reading.


my pc components:
antec case

8gb of ram
amd phenom(tm) II x4 955 processor 3.2ghz

asus m4a87td evo

powercolor 5750hd

RE: Adrian
The computer is very quiet when i am not playing games though. also i dont think its the dusk problem, the problem started when i first got my comp. also the fan on my rear of my case is very weak and not turning with a lot of force.

i dont know how many watts her comp is, will prolly have to open and see.
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Default Graphic card issue? fan noises and mobo compatibility?

Putting your 5750 into her computer? can't tell, since we do not know what size of power supply she has. Her system should have at least a 450W supply to run your video card... Most stock HP desktops do not have a PSU that large...

Check the cooling fan on your video, blow out any dust and link that may be clogging it up. That is why fans run faster, trying to cool something where air flow is poor due to dust.
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Default Graphic card issue? fan noises and mobo compatibility?

it's very possibly your CPU fan or your case fan. both of them can build up with dust bunnies, causing rubbing noises. try touching the CENTER of each fan to see if the sound stops. be sure to let go almost immediately, so that it doesn't damage the magnet(s) propelling the fan.

there may also be fan settings in the system BIOS (if your system has them), listed under Hardware or System Maintenance. these may help, especially if it has Q-Fan, which will slow the fans until needed. there are programs that can adjust the speed of your GPU fan too. just be sure you don't set it too low, and watch the temperature of your system during this time frame. without care & precaution, you could easily fry your GPU (or computer)!
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