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Default what books read to learn about programming

Hi all,

Recently I am interested in programming. I get excited if I see people making a app, a website and making products communicate with each other.

I have found that you need to know about HTML, javascript and things like that.

Could someone give me some advice what I should do or read to learn the basics?

I want to thank in advance the people who are reading my QS and giving me advice.
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Default what books read to learn about programming

You can develop different types of apps and you need different "tools" for the different kinds. This guy here puts a lot of tutorials that are good for beginners. EDIT Also see below for the harvard course which will be the best place to start. EDIT
1) For Web Development
You'll need first of all HTML which you can learn from here . It's not really a programming language because it just tells the browser how to display the information. Then if you want to make your website look good you need CSS which also isn't a programming language. If you want to be able to do advanced stuff as moving objects self filling forms and stuff like that you need JavaScript which is the first programming language mentioned here. It's really usefull and there is a library called JQuery that will save you a lot of time when developing and will make everything really optimised and pretty. And finally if you want a dynamic website that has user registration and different self generated pages you need a serverside language. I suggest PHP as it's really easy to pick up . And you'll probablly need a DataBase such as MySQL to store lets say your user information or your web pages content. To communicate with the database PHP has premade tools which are easy to use but you'll need to learn a bit of SQL (it's really easy you can learn everything you need in a few hours).

Now for non web development you can use pretty much any programming language. C++ is great for beginners because it will teach you everything you need to learn about the memory and how everything works. Other good options are Java and C# because they have a lot of premade libraries which you can use in your apps instead of writing everything from scratch. They're much easier to pick up than C++ in my opinion. The website that i linked above has tutorials about anything you'll need to start. Also the harvard university put online it's CS50 course and i suggest you start from there. Watch all the lectures they'll be really helpful for a start!
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Default what books read to learn about programming

That's all depend on field you want to choose either you want to be a web developer or software developer.
If you want to learn HTML,CSS,JS etc then w3schools is the bets way to learn web developing. I also found that Wrox books are the best either you want to be a web developer or software developer. so check some titles at wrox as well
If you want to start software developing i recommend you to start with C++ before diving into other languages so that it will build up your base and you can pretty easily learn any language after learning C++.
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