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Default I accidentally blocked java for minecraft?

i was playing minecraft, and a little pop-up came up , asking if i wanted to allow java permission to run. I realized that there was a "do not ask me again" option, so i checked the box next to it, the i accidentally pressed the "block permission to run" button. so, then minecraft acted like there was no internet. i re-opened it, but this time in the login screen, instead of displaying links and versions of minecraft, it showed this: <html><body><font color="#808080"><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><center>Failed to update news<br> Permission denied: connect</center></font></body></html>. when i try to log in, it says it can't connect to my internet connection is fine(or i wouldn't have written this) and i have restarted my computer, re-downloaded minecraft and java several times, i have tried unblocking java from my computer firewall, nothing has worked. i know my minecraft account is not the problem, or the login screen would be normal, and when i tried to log in, it would say "login failed," not "cannot connect to" it might have something to do with Mcafee, or some other stupid anti-virus program, but i have tried many, many things, and minecraft still does nor work. and also, because i re-downloaded it, you have to log in successfully at least one time for it to download the minecraft.jar, and because i cannot do that, not even singleplayer will work.

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