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Default Introduction to Web design HTML. Help with assignment?

Hi guys got a couple of questions I need help on for a small assignment due tomorow. My book got lost in the post so im still waiting for my new textbook hence me asking for help. Even if you could just help me answer 1 or 2 question you will be off great help.
Questions follow
Many Thanx

1. ____ lets you control the presentation characteristics of an entire Web site with a single
style sheet document.
3. CSS

2. The stricter syntax rules of HTML5 are consistent with ____ syntax.
1. CSS
3. JSP

3. Coding with standards and respecting the W3C mandate to separate ____ from
____makes your content more accessible and portable to different devices and
1. content structure, presentation information
2. images, text
3. colors, fonts
4. images, content

4. A(n) ____ is the browser’s temporary storage area for Web pages and images.
1. server
2. cookie
3. application
4. cache

5. ____ are CSS statements that let you specify different style rules for different media
1. Grids
2. Fonts
3. Media Queries
4. Colors

6. ____ page layouts are designed to adapt to different screen resolutions.
1. Linear
2. Flat
3. Flexible
4. Horizontal

7. Your ____ is the single most important factor in determining the success of your site.
1. font choice
2. information design
3. number of graphics
4. plug-in requirements

8. When designing a Web page, you should keep the “____ (plus or minus two)” rule of
information design in mind.
1. three
2. five
3. seven
4. nine

9. ____ white space includes the blank areas that border the screen or are the result of
mismatched shapes.
1. Passive
2. Intentional
3. Well-formed
4. Active

10.As a function of normal, paper-based reading habits, the user’s eye moves from ____ and
back again.
1. top to bottom
2. bottom to top
3. left to right
4. right to left

11.Many of the guidelines necessary for developing ____ content naturally lend themselves
to creating good design.
1. colorful
2. accessible
3. hyperlinked
4. fluid

12.For a Web site, users probably care most about ____.
1. graphics quality
2. animations
3. how quickly they can find information
4. accessibility features

13.If possible, analyze your audience and produce an audience ____.
1. definition
2. profile
3. plan
4. diagram

14.____ programs are programs that you can download and use for a trial period.
1. Closed-source
2. Open-source
3. Freeware
4. Shareware

15.Many ____ are responsible for creating a site style guide and defining typographic
conventions, as well as consistency, grammar, spelling, and tone.
1. designers
2. software programmers
3. writers
4. marketers

16.____ take care of the sticky technical issues such as firewalls, ports, internal security, file
administration, and backup procedures.
1. Designers
2. Software programmers
3. Server administrators
4. Database administrators

17.Filenames on the ____ operating system are case sensitive.
1. Windows 3.x
2. Macintosh
4. Windows XP

18.____ URLs omit the protocol and domain or server name, and specify the path to the file
on the same server.
1. Partial
2. Incomplete
3. Full
4. Complete

19.____ paths tell the browser where a file is located relative to the document the browser
currently is viewing.
1. Absolute
2. Complete
3. Partial
4. Relative

0.The ____ information structure guides the user along a straightforward path.
1. tutorial
2. linear
3. Web
4. hierarchical
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