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Money07 04-25-2014 02:06 PM

join my new server domain
I've just set up my AD domain on Windows Server 2008 R2. I've added users to domains before but right now I'm completely blanking on what steps I've missed. Basically so far I have ran DCPROMO and set up my FQDN, the computer name is server and lets say the FQDN is , i've set up a static address of, dns and default gateway are on the server. I've added dhcp roles, my scope is Does this seem ok so far? Now the point I need help on, I have a windows 8 laptop and to test the server/domain I wanted to try and join it, what do I need to do? Before I used virtual box so had a seperate client machine but still have some issues I recall. I tried simply changing my laptop to be a member of the domain and entered the domain name but I get the error about an active directory for "" could not be contacted. What steps am I missing?

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