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Default website creation help

Hello Friends,
I am studying BCA. Now I decided to create some websites. And I have ideas to create cool & useful web application but I have only knowledge of basic HTML, CSS & PHP and C & C++ Programming. And not have much money to invest to build websites from web developers. But I invested some money in web hosting. I want to create those websites easily my self and I also want to make money from it so what should I do? I also want to be a PHP developer. I know that if I'll be a PHP developer then I can create any web application easily and fast. So what should I need to be a PHP developer and how much time I need to be a PHP developer.
Please help me. Give some advice for my queries.

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Default website creation help

get some books in php, enroll for classes in php and also download the php manual to gain the required knowledge. Wish you luck.
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Default website creation help

Specifically for PHP I'd recommend:

Learn a good framework. Depending on the size of the project, you can use Zend/Symfony or CodeIgniter/others for small ones. There are tons. I'd stick to Zend/Zymfony for something mid-sized and/or "real world".

In general these frameworks come with a basic template engine or you can plug in other ones like Smarty or Twig. I'd say it improves the code a lot. So, yes to your first question.

Also, notepad++ is amazing, but I recommend using an IDE if you're working on a project and not a simple 2,3 file script. I strongly recommend Netbeans. It has lots of teatures and it's really active. Check it out:

Since you're coding in PHP, I'd say you get to know the SPL (Standard PHP Library):

To sum up:

Strongly recommended to keep code clean and mainteinable.


Yes. SPL, and a lot more I can't think of now.
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