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Default data modeling problem.... createtables for a business

This is the information:

You have been hired to design a database for CD-Coop, a cooperative store on campus where customers can purchase used music CDs. You wish to keep track of all the purchases made by your customers. You also wish to record the different styles of music (Rap, Jazz, etc) and keep track of which customers prefer which styles, so that if a CD arrives in the customer's preferred style, you can contact the customer to let them know.


1. A customer may be entered into the database before any associated purchase is made

2.A CD will have one and only one style

3.Each physcial CD has a unique ID number. Therefore, two copies of the same CD will each have its own ID number

4.Each contact letter to a customer is for a single CD.

This is what i have so far...

One table for COSOMERS with a primary key called CostomerID
One table for PURCHASES with a primary key called PurchaseID
ONe table for MUSIC_STYLES with a primary key MusicID and the las table that i have is this
DC'S with the primary key CD-ID

Can someone tell me if is right or if is wrong how can i fix it.....
I also need some help Drawing the IE Crow's Foot E_R model of the tables.

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Default data modeling problem.... createtables for a business

Your purchases table should also have customerID as a foreign key. and CD-ID as a foreign key. This will allow to track the customer and which cd the purchased.
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