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Default am i being hacked

So for the past year I have had all my accounts hacked (yahoo mail, outlook mail, skype, steam, deviantart, Facebook, origin, twitter, ect) and I have no idea how it's happening. It seems that I don't get any "reset your password" emails from any of the sites and the passwords just keep changing. When I eventually get ahold of the account that has been hacked, within 10 minuets the hacker is back in as if he knew the password. I have checked my computer numerous times for key loggers and malwar, and every time it comes up as a clean computer (I even tried the trick where you put it in safe mode and scan the computer) I have done this with at least 3 different virus scanners (bitdefender, avg, mcafee) and every one says my computer is clean. I have even tried a few different firewalls and I'm still constantly hacked.

What the hacker seems to do is watch my chats for a few weeks to a few months, then he attacks and pretends to be me and try to break me up with my wife and flirts with random girls he can find. So just to recap, he is not just hacking me, he is stalking me. He claimed to have found me by hacking into virgin mobile and finding my info in their database. Now before you suggest it, I have gone to the police repeatedly and they told me that they would probably never get to my case because it does not take priority over child pornography and things like that, which is understandable. So I don't think I can get help from them.
I forgot to mention that I have formatted my computer numerous times.

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Default am i being hacked

Check your operating system or antivirus or other stuff which you install every time may be that contains encrypted key logger or other stuff which is difficult to find or if u can please change your operating system.
If problem occurs pls raise a ticket those sites which account hacked just chat and sort out your problem
Thank's and Regard
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Default am i being hacked

Hackers can crypt their viruses so that they are undetectable by antiviruses. If you are serious about getting rid of this I would back up all of your important files and then reimage your computer. Make sure you change your passwords (email first of course) once you reimage.
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