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Default can't find dfserv process

Okay, I have a school computer with DeepFreeze on it. The school will not release the password to me; not like the passsword dialogue will come up anyway. I'm no computer wiz, but after being fed up with this program.. again. I did more in depth research this time. I found out how to uninstall DeepFreeze without the password. I did everything properly, but I get stuck on this one step, where I'm supposed to press Ctrl-Alt-Del at the welcome screen, and open the Task Manager. Well, I did. I was instructed to kill the process DFServ. No such process exists. I was also told I may need to kill the process FrzState2K.exe. That process, however, is there, but it won't let me kill it off. It says access denied, I always researched this, and was told to simply try again a few times. That didn't work. So, what do I do?
TL;DR - Where is process DFServ in task manager?

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Default can't find dfserv process

A locked service can nOT be uninstalled. And you need to be a machine admin, with the correct password for the program, and the admin policies need to permit you to change it. They are not as stupid as you.
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