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Default final pc build review prior to purchase - $1100 budget build

Hi guys. I have constructed my partlist of my first ever PC build. I intend to game and do a bit of programming on this PC. Before I order it, I have a few questions.

1. How well will this computer run? Will it handle next Generation games without needing an upgrade?

2. Is everything compatible? Will the RAM fit next to that huge fan? Will the GPU squeeze into that case?

3. Is the ram suitable for my CPU? I was told that my RAM would be underclocked to 1333MHz due to the 1.6v the RAM takes.

4. Is there anything I should downgrade or upgrade? Any extra fans or parts I need?

Please take extra precaution when answering number 2. If something is not compatible after I purchase it I may not be able to get a refund for the part. I only have one shot when buying this PC.

I only have $20 left in my budget so obviously something like a SSD is out of the question.

Thanks for any help!

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Default final pc build review prior to purchase - $1100 budget build

Did you buy Power Supply? I think I've seen it but I'am not sure. Your new PC that your building is good. But I suggest you get a bigger Tower, you will find it cheaper than what you just bought. Bigger Tower Case, let's you have more space and more space for the FAN to breath. That is for my advice.
1. I don't think it will run new generation games. I guess it could run Ghosts and maybe BF4.
2. Yes it will fit, but I recommend you getting a bigger tower for better performance of the FAN.
3. Not sure about that, but who ever told you, they might be right.
4. If you don't have a power supply, get it. If you do then you should get a mouse or a keyboard or headset.

For my opinion about your PC, it is better than mine and I've build mine too. Your PC could run some new games. If you have more money, you should upgrade to Intel Core i7. Very expensive but it's the latest they've got. Hope I helped you.
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