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Default the best inti-virus out there

My Anti-virus expired and I was wondering what would be a good inti-virus to have

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Default the best inti-virus out there

The top three free ones are:

Microsoft Security Essentials

The Old Computer Guy
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Default the best inti-virus out there

There are good and bad antiviruses, but none is really "best" because what you mean by "best" can be interpreted in different ways.* Do you mean the one that will pick up the most infections?* Then you're going to get a lot of false positives, and it will affect your system's performance.* Do you mean the one that's least annoying whilst still being effective?* Then you'll have to have your system set up securely and be a smart surfer.

The best anti-virus is common sense -- smart surfing.* Don't click on advertising or competition links, don't visit dodgy sites, learn to recognise scams and phishing attempts, don't believe a word you read in a mass-circulated email, never connect to your banking or PayPal, etc. accounts using a link in an email, and always check with a trusted online community if you're in doubt about a website or download.

In saying that, you do need basic but good security programs.* For antivirus, get the freeware MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials), Avira or Avast;* or if you feel safer with a paid antivirus, you can't do better than Kapersky or NOD32.
Check out a simple comparison here:* * or more comprehensive comparisons here:* and

For a firewall, stick with the Windows one. It's fine (assuming you have Windows XP SP2 or SP3, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 or 8).

You may also want to give your computer a scan every few weeks with MBAM (Malwarebytes Anti-Malware).* Download it from

There is no need to activate the paid version of MBAM;* the freeware version is quite adequate, and can be used indefinitely to do manual scans of your system.

In addition, install a good hosts file to help block unwanted popups, parasites, adware and spyware.* You can read about, download and install an excellent one from * This hosts file blocks hundreds of known malicious URLs.* Revisit the page every couple of months as it is updated from time to time with new sites.

Also, never use an administrator account for day-to-day use.* Always use a Standard or Limited account.* This will limit the amount of damage these things can do, and prevent them from installing by themselves.
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Default the best inti-virus out there

Free AV's?

The only free AV's I suggest are Avast, or Comodo internet security.

Do not use mse, it is the worst one, see this article:
mse just plain sucks.

If you are going to buy AV protection, then BitDefender, GData, or Kaspersky are the top AV's.
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