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Default can someone fix my java code it's about isbn 13 code change, i keep getting error messages

output is like this
Enter the first 12 digits of an ISBN-13 as a string:9780132130806.
The ISBN-13 number is 9780132130806.
public class isbnchecker {
public static void main(String[] args) {
Scanner scan= new Scanner(;
System.out.println("input an isbn");
String isbn = scan.nextLine();
isbnchecker main = new isbnchecker();
System.out.println(isbn + main.checkISBN(isbn));

private boolean checkISBN (String isbn){
char[] isbnChar = isbn.toCharArray();
//check if the length is 13
if (isbnChar.length != 13)
return false;
//check if only digits

for(int i=0;i<isbnChar.length;i++){
if (!Character.isDigit(isbnChar[i]))
return false;
//check if the checknumber is correct
int sum = 0;

for(int i=0;i<(isbnChar.length-1);i=i+2){
sum = sum + Character.getNumericValue(isbnChar[i]);
for (int i=1;i<isbnChar.length;i=i+2){
sum = sum + (Character.getNumericValue(isbnChar[i])*3);
int CheckDigit = 10-sum%10;
int LastDigit = Character.getNumericValue(isbnChar[isbnChar.length]);
if (CheckDigit != LastDigit)
return false;
return true;}}
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Default can someone fix my java code it's about isbn 13 code change, i keep getting error messages

You use isbnChar[isbnChar.length] to get the last character in the array isbnChar. Array index values are zero-based, so that should be isbnChar[isbnChar.length-1].

The error message says that in the exception name ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.
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