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Default is this bitrate sufficient

I ripped a blu-ray movie (personal copy! Not pirated) to my laptop and plan on converting it down to 960x540 so that i can watch it on my mobile (res is 960x540). These are the current parameters i have entered:

Res: 960x540 (original 1920x1080)
V-Codec: Libx264
FPS: 23.976 (same as source)
Subpixel Motion Estimate: 9 Rd Refine
Motion estimate: Uneven Multi-Hex
Adaptive B-frame: Optimal (B-frames=5)
8x8 transform

A-codec: FLAC (Lossless)

I have chosen the converted bitrate to be ~12Mbps. The original blu-ray rip was 22GB and ~22MBps.

Is the 12Mbps sufficient for 960x540 or should i increase it? It is an animated movie, more specifically Frozen.
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