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Default pocket empires. hack this app

Hey guys.

So I am trying to hack this online game to gain gems and other hard to obtain items. This game is built for the android os and it is a very good mmo in my opinion. Is there any way that I can hack this games data values without making it illegal. I have tried to use game killer, game cih and even tried packet sniffing but the data values never stick they just switch back or if they do change when I go to spend them it says you don't have enough gems. The game has been hacked in the past by experienced coders and they were very successful. Any advice in how this can be done?

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Default pocket empires. hack this app

The hackers that succeeded used an exploit to trick the server. You can't hack the client-side values and expect the server to believe that the client values are the correct ones. You would have to hack the server, or find a loophole that tricks the server into performing logic you wish it to perform. Nothing illegal about hacking the client-side values; but most games are well appropriated for such circumstances. In actuality, most games nowadays use a master topology; the game you "play" is really more like a movie playback of what the server believes you are doing -- based on your mouse/keyboard input.

Packet modification would yield the same results. A DoS attack on the server would be the most likely route to success, albeit a federal crime. lol. In my opinion, it's significantly wiser to make a "bot", and let your computer do the work for you while you do something better with your time.
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Default pocket empires. hack this app

Hi yahoo answers, you community of people who barely know how to code a program that adds two numbers.
I'm trying to cheat to get stuff that costs money for free. Stealing, basically. Nothing illegal though.
Any advice?
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