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Default can anyone please help me with my bluej program

Hi everyone im trying to write a program for my homework. It is asking to only write If/else statements for each of these instructions in one program and for it to work.

- First the robot has to walk around a hurdle. Then the robot has to pick up a
weight. Finally the robot has to carry the weight to the end of the course and
drop it again.

-If the hurdle is missing, the robot should instead run back to the start of the
course, then back to where the hurdle should be, and then continue the triathlon.

-If the weight is missing, the robot should run to the top of the course, then back
to the bottom, and then continue the triathlon.

If at the end of the course the robot is not carrying the weight, the robot should
self-destruct in an attempt to draw attention to the poor funding situation. Any
method of suicide is acceptable.

My code so far is downloadable here:
And here's a screenshot of all the method names:

Can anyone PLEASE help me correct and write the rest of the program? :( I'm very stuck! ><
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