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Default How do you make your Blogger skin work?

So I downloaded it, but when I go to open the code it opens up in TextEdit but looks like the preview of the skin, not the code. I have tried on Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
This is the skin I tried:
Sorry I'm such a noob at this... help is appreciated. ?

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Default idateasia review

Beauty Customs for russian Women

The traditional Russian sauna known as the banya is a refreshing and detoxifying old custom still widely practiced today. avid gamers alternately sit in the steam bath (Which is traditionally heated by coals) And charge a plunge into a cold pool. The heat of the sauna causes capillary vessels in the skin to dilate and allows toxins to exit the body through sweat. Jumping in to icy water (Or insurance firms cold shower), appropriate away restricts the capillaries, Further facilitating removing toxins by the circulatory and lymphatic system.

instantly, Banyas are often fragranced with oils such as pepper mint or lavender and may sometimes include massage.

Traditional Russian clothing was intended to be both practical and beautiful. Women used clothing to emphasize their beauty and restraint by employing several colors, more than ever red. Clothing was further designed by embroidering patterns of richly colored thread. Because women regularly performed chores or other labor, These outfits were designed to be comfy and allow idateasia fake free movement. Many of these early clothing properties (specially the value placed on bright colors and patterns) Have carried over into modern russian fashion.

in their study, Alexandra Korotchenko found Russian women place high value on maintaining an exceptionally feminine appearance. due to this, Many Russian women feel that well done makeup and favored clothing are daily essentials. Korotchenko also noticed a culture of lack of enthusiasm in Russia toward old age, Which prompts may Russian women to spend money especially on anti aging products and procedures. This fixation on maturing may be behind a recent trend in idateasia review American spas: russian caviar facials.

Customs way of life Related to Women to Enhance Their Beauty

Customs lifestyle Related to Women to Enhance Their Beauty. a person.

Russian gear Styles

Several main types of garments were typically worn in pre construction Russia. Peasant as well as girls wore detailed dresses called sarafans with a.

1800s Russian wedding dresses

Russian wedding attire in the 19th century varied according to bridal couple social rank. But some features of the wedding dress, old school.

euro After Death Rituals

In russian federation, Rituals recognizing people who died are a blend of folk beliefs passed on by Eastern Slavs and modern day rituals.

Russian Dating etiquette

Russian immigration to usa is still high and has had many surges in the last 100 years. before, Traditional Spanish hairstyles are recognizable for three common qualities: the center part, large chignons, And chignons determine.

regular Russian Folk Art

Traditional folk art has always played idateasia review an intrinsic part of domestic culture across Russia to represent the rooted artistic perceptions, way of life and.
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