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Default make my internet faster and clear junk files

Windows has a built-in program to clean up hard-disk space, called Disk Cleanup
For Windows XP or 7 -> click Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disk Cleanup
For Windows 8 simply type "disk cleanup" on the new Metro Interface screen.

There are other free tools out there like Ccleaner that add other cleanup features for your Internet browsers and registry. Search Google for CCleaner.

A slow Internet is not necessarily associated to a slow computer. You have to consider what your Internet service provider offers. Also, residential Internet bandwidth is shared among multiple residents in your proximity. The more people connected, the less bandwidth available to you. Internet traffic is usually congested during night hours, when most people are at home. Also, if you use a wi-fi connection, your connection speeds may be affected by distance and many other factors. The most consistent speeds are only achieved using a wired connection (Ethernet). Check your speeds by going to
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