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Default build my own pc

So to build a pc there are only 8 things you need.

1. The tower -big rectangular box , holds everything
2. Motherboard - everything else plugs into this.
3. CPU- brain of the PC. Determines how fast programs will run, startup time, etc. You need a good one if you're going to be pc gaming. Comes with a heatsink and fan (to cool it). You can either get an INTEL or AMD brand CPU; your motherboard type and socket also must match your cpu and be able to hold it.
4.HDD/SSD- Hard drive stores all your data and OS gets installed here. Also you could use an SSD instead or both.
5. RAM- You need this; don't worry about what it does. Just plugs into the MOBO
6. PSU- Power supply unit; its whats going to power everything. HDD; GPU; and MOBO connect to this.
7. GPU- Graphics card, you need this for gaming. If you're just going to be watching videos and browsing the web you don't need it.
8. OS-operating system; you need to buy this to install the OS (windows 7, windows 8, etc) otherwise your computer will boot up and be blank.

9. Optionals -Sound card(mobo already has a good one built in); DVD/CD drive; SSD; wifi card)

All the equipment from 1-7 come with manuals and clear, I repeat VERY CLEAR instructions on how to plug everything into the MOBO and which wires go where. Lots of pc parts are sold with the average consumer in mind. Use google for further help and to plan out your build.
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