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Default rss subscribers still be linked after i migrate from qbc to wordpress

I have a blog on GoDaddy's Quick Blogcast (QBC).
QBC is shutting down.
My blog is migrating to Wordpress(.org).

I am keeping the same URL and domain name.

Please forgive me if this sounds stupid or obvious, but I'm trying to cover my bases here.

** Will those who already subscribed to my blog using RSS still be subscribed after I have moved? **

I don't know if the RSS only reads the URL (in which case I should be okay), or if it reads something else- something which will change "behind the scenes" when I've migrated from one service to the other.

Possibly relevant- GoDaddy is still the host for my blog. That's who I pay.

In the event that the answer is "no" - is there an easy way to get the subscriber list and migrate it? (Or is there someone who can do this for me? Or a plug-in that I install?)
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