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I'm a twenty year old male, and I'm in college. My parents bought me a computer for my birthday as a gift, but put this spyware on it. They are using it as punishment, whenever I do something they don't like or even think I'm spending to much time online they lock the web down. I'm in the last two weeks of school before summer and I have several papers to write, They refuse to unblock my internet so that I can study and so on. I've tried to remove this program but when I do, they threaten me with taking the laptop away. As a college student, it is practically impossible to survive academically without some for of of personal computer. I have to walk almost a mile to get to the school library and have limited funds to keep buying expensive food, I'm exhausted from spending 12 hours at the library and need some form of alternative. Since I cannot take the program off, I was just wondering if there were a way to bypass it temporarily till I can save up enough to buy my own laptop that they cannot restrict.
It is very easy to circumvent Covenent Eyes and beat it. Here is a workaround that will let anyone watch any video or visit any website unmonitored:

1. Go to Amazon App store and choose any Test-Drive App that has a built in browser.
2. Click on "Test-Drive," navigate to Google and enjoy any kind of video or website unmonitored - CE can't pick up any activity going through this Amazon service!

Here is one example of such an app: Global News: Appstore for Android

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