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Default break my laptop without my parents knowing it was on purpose

I have a HORRIBLE laptop, these are the important specs for anyone who's interested:

Processor: 1.3 GHz SINGLE CORE
Memory: 2 GB

If you know anything about computers, you know this is one of the worst laptops you can have in this day and age... It's two and a half years old, runs like crap, has weird issues (i.e. if you put it to sleep it lags out when you wake it up, stuff like that), and just doesn't work for my purposes. I'm a programmer and I need a more powerful machine.
Anything goes, my parents will find it more worth it to buy a new computer than replace parts, but there's something you need to know, which is that nothing can be removed from this computer without breaking it, and I don't want any visible damage. I want it to seem like it wasn't my fault.
Any help is much appreciated!
Everyone who says pour water on it, that still makes it look like it's my fault.
Everyone who says I'm a jerk because it's my parents' money is wrong, I'll pay for it myself, but they won't let me get a new one until this one goes.
Everyone who says to overclock it or go into the BIOS and screw stuff up, the processor is locked so I can't overclock (I've tried that stuff).
Everyone who says to infect it with a virus, my parents will take it to Staples to get it inspected for free, and they'll clean any virus off of it.
Everyone who says to go to my parents and tell them how bad it is, I have done that already. They say "Okay, you can get a new computer when the one you have stops working." Note again that I will pay for the new one myself.

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