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Default convince my parents to let me buy a new computer

Ok, so it may sound like i'm being a spoilt brat here but...
I currently have a computer with a 2.1gHz processor and 3gb RAM. I can play minecraft on minimum settings at about 7fps, on high settings im lucky if i can get 3fps. The thing is, when I tell my dad I have a sub-par computer he says that what i currently have is "one of the best computers you can get", which it clearly isnt... The computer i want to get is £611 and yes it's expensive but i will be paying for all of it, im only 15 and my dad is saying i am not aloud to go out and buy it because i have a briliant computer. I showed my dad my computer and he spent about 3 hours trying to fix it (deleting almost all my programs) as he says it's that ive clogged it up with junk which is why it is running slowly, i showed him minecraft and he was brushing off the fact that it still only ran at 7fps. What can i say to him to make him come round and let me buy this computer?
Yeh i do try to play other games aswell such as bf3 and team fortress but they're just to intense for my computer, minecraft was just an example i used to show my dad. i tried to get a job but my parents didn't allow me to get one because they were worried that it would effect my schooling.

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