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Default Is this a good analogy of why abortion is wrong.?

It doesn't even make sense.

The only way a fetus can be inside of another person's body is with that person's constant consent. The moment that fetus no longer has their consent, is the moment that fetus has to go.

It kind of like one of your friends loosing their job and their house, so you let them stay.
But after awhile you realize that they're just messing up your house, and aren't even looking for a job.
So you kick them out.
And if they don't leave, you can have them arrested for trespassing.
It doesn't matter that you invited them in in the first place. The moment you no longer want them in your home is the moment they have to leave.

Except with pregnancy, the fetus is inside of your body and using your blood, organs, etc.
No one can use your blood, organs, or etc without your consent.
Even if it means the difference between life and death for them.

With a pregnancy, it's risking your health, your life, and your general welfare. You could loose your job, your house, be unable to care for your family, and so much more.
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