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Default Is this a good analogy of why abortion is wrong.?

Idea based on the poem 'Welcome to Holland' by Emily Perl Kingsley.


You have a plane ticket to Italy (you want a child and have a partner).

You board a plane (you have sex and become pregnant).

It turns out the plane is going to Holland. The plane doors have closed, the plane has already lifted off (you don't want the baby, but the baby is already a developing foetus).

You can't just open the plane door, and jump off. You are to remain in your seat until you arrive at the destination (even if it is not your desired destination).

If you boarded the wrong flight, you must sort that out at the plane's destination - you don't sort it out mid-flight.
People abort babies with downs syndrome you know...
If you want a child, it doesn't mean you want any child (abort because she is a girl, he/she has a disability, etc..)
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