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Default Which virus cleaning program is free and available to speed my computer?

Only one person give the right answer DUMP WINDOWS, Ask yourself why should you have to run anti virus software to keep your computer running Why should you have to suffer having a slow computer.

Here is my advise, back up you files for a starter, then do a little research from the website I'm about to send you to, Windows is not the only operating systems in the world. My advise is download and install Linux on it, check out this website and see what a fast operating system is all about, just take a look, when you see it you will want it, this is only one of many Linux operating systems that's available

Here to prove my point here is the website for the latest September Free alternative operating systems that don't crash, freeze up slow down or get viruses, so just take a look then you will learn something new
here is the website for all the Free Professional application software for the free operating systems check it out, there is over 40,500 of them stop being a microsoft zombie
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