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Default How do I unlock a computer frozen by Everest University Online?

I recently graduated from Everest University and I have a laptop from them through their loan to own program. If you graduate, you get to keep it. All of my tuition is paid off and i graduated but they locked my computer. I swapped out the hard drive with a different one and reinstalled windows, I think it's something In the BIOS. ANy ideas about how to fix it?
I have called them, They say that I have unpaid tuition. They won't unlock it until I give them $8000. I've contacted the company my loan is through. Everything is paid off so they are no help.

The Laptop is an HP Probook 6455b if that helps at all.
The lock is a white screen that pops up as soon as the desktop loads that says this computer has been locked by everest online university contact us immediately. I can move the cursor but nothing else works including any keyboard shortcuts.
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